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Broadway and off-broadway musicals require more than simple Karaoke CDs which often lack quality, expression and realism in the interpretation. Traditional Karaoke Backing Tracks also fail to offer scene change music, transitional pieces, dance numbers, underscore for dialogues nor any modifications to the original score such as key or tempo changes, vamps durations or any of the adjustments that might be needed in a real musical production.

We provide high-quality custom backing tracks for full theater productions, actors, musical theater students, auditions or anyone in need of a professional accompaniment track. Using only the most realistic sample libraries available on the market we produce outstanding replicas of live performances from any size score. From the largest full orchestral soundtracks to the single instrumental accompaniment track ,each instrument is played individually and recorded as if performed live.

Send us a copy of your written score (or original audio track/CD) with specific instructions regarding your needs and we will provide a customized, complete score of your show. Using our services you will save time and money (no orchestra rehearsals, no hiring musicians, no rewriting parts if a key change or an extra measure is needed) and you will have a perfect and reliable soundtrack every time you perform.

Demo Tracks

Individual Tracks for Singers and Actors, Auditions.

Are you currently assembling a show or preparing for an audition?
We take projects of all sizes. Individual tracks are also fully customizable. Key transpositions, change in instrumentation, alternative forms or other modifications are available as well.
From a single piano backing track to a full 150 piece orchestral recording, we do it all!

Demo Tracks

How does the process work?

  1. You ask for a price quote by giving us detailed information regarding your production.
  2. We evaluate the project and give you a quote.
  3. Once all details and deadlines are established you can send your score and deposit or send a purchase order from your institution and a signed binding agreement.
  4. You are given client access to our server and we start working on your project promptly. Once a track is completed, it becomes available, in draft form, for you to download from our server in mp3 format.
  5. When all tracks are completed and client approved, we mix and masterize the soundtrack to professional recording standards.
  6. The final soundtrack is then availbale to be downloaded as an mp3 album or request an audio CD by mail and a final invoice is issued.

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Tweaking the score

arieljramos backing tracks

In real life, no musical production escapes a last-minute change. Suddenly, you realize you might need an extra measure, a faster tempo, a longer fermata due to blocking, a musical cue to help intonation, a key change, a longer dance number, etc...

AJRBT Studios will work with you in"fine tunning" the final score to fit your specific needs. This is why we provide access to tracks in draft form, as soon as they are available. This enables you to start rehearsing “to the tracks” early on and get a feeling for timing and other issues.

Also, we let you prioritize tracks by letting us know which tracks you need produced first.

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Pricing depends on several factors, such as: the complexity of the score, instrumentation, sheet music source, length of songs, etc...

Keep in mind you are paying for a custom soundtrack, recorded from the ground up, involving expertise in performance, audio recording and mastering, arranging, and hours of work per song.

Prices per song range between $10 for a simple solo piano track to $150 for a lengthy song scored for full orchestra. A full show with 15 to 25 songs for full orchestra is expected to cost between $800 and $4,500.

Pricing also depends on the sheet music source. For example: If you provide us with a good quality orchestral score with all instrument parts clearly notated, the process of producing the soundtrack is reduced to performing and recording each instrument, mixing and mastering. On the other hand, providing us with an original soundtrack CD from the show, implies listening and transcribing each instrument before we can even start recording.

…and, of course… we will always work with your budget!

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Turnaround Time

In general, we can have a finished solo track within 24-48 hours of receipt. Entire musical scores for a full-length show take about 2-4 weeks to be completed.

Performing Rights

No license of the performance rights is implied or included. If you are performing these works, you MUST have obtained performance rights. For this matter you should contact BMI, MTI, Tams Witmark or the piece’s publisher regarding performance rights.
The service we provide is only transcribing the musical composition from one media into another, we’re not responsible for the use you make of the tracks.

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